Our services

Sports facilities

For public and private project promoters, facility owners and operators, architecture firms and builders


We offer various public and private stakeholders a multidisciplinary assessment and a singular scientific methodology that allows the sport and economic programming of sports facilities to be optimised and facilitate their sustainability through governance, financing and use

Sports programming

We bring our expertise to the design of spaces where sport is played through the design of specifications, table of spaces and a flow chart of spaces adapted to the objectives of project promoters and the expectations of people practicing sports

Economic modelling

We build on our expertise and database to draw up the expense and revenue model of different sports facilities using economic projections after construction

Financing model

We advise project promoters on the various direct and indirect financing schemes for sports facilities as well as the benefits and disadvantages of the different models

Governance model

We assist public and private project promoters with the choice of governance model for facilities and in defining financial relations between tenants, operators and owners after construction


We make international comparisons and carry out constant monitoring of comparative data related to the economy, the fan experience, the energy, connectivity and sustainability of sports facilities

Feasibility study

For capital projects, we rely on our expertise and our network of experts to carry out quantified feasibility studies for infrastructure projects

Performance diagnosis

We have created a methodology that promotes inclusion of the perspective of economic, social and ecological issues in a sports facility or infrastructure project in the study area

Survey and investigation

We offer data collection tools to know the user satisfaction rate, the expectations and needs of people practicing sports or the rates of visits to and use of facilities